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Drug Detox Program | Myrtle Beach | Nutrition Doctor

Drug Detox Program | Myrtle Beach | Nutrition Doctor


Treat Your Deficiencies, not Your Symptoms


Today’s modern medical model of standard care medicine focuses on the ‘one size fits all’ dosing and a drug for every symptom of aging.Many weight loss patients are unaware of the profound impact many drugs have on their weight, moods, energy, sex drive, and mental clarity.


Dr. Norman’s phD  in pharmacology  and drug research before he graduated from Medical School is beneficial to his patients who desire removing or reducing their medicine overload.


Dr Norman specializes in reducing or replacing overused antidepressants, tranquilizers and sleeping pills with more healthy natural solutions.


We offer a wide range of quality supplements  that can be extremely effective in the process of detoxification and renewal. We are continuously educating ourselves and travel to international conferences several times a year to expand our inventory and stay on top of the rapidly expanding wealth of aging healthcare knowledge.

Fred Paul Norman, MD

dr norman

According To The US Sensus

A few numbers for you to understand the reality we live in today.

Gain Weight Back Within 1 Year0%
Lose 50Lbs Within 6 Months0%
Obese Adults in the US0%

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