Diet and Weight Loss

Diet and Weight Loss Programs

Diet and Weight Loss Programs


Myrtle Beach diet looks great on you!


The Myrtle Beach Diet Weight loss Program is truly one of a kind.

Let us teach you Dr. Norman’s PERMANENT weight control STRATEGIES FOR A LIFETIME OF HEALTH perfected over 45 years.


Welcome to a Higher Level of Medicine


Dr. Norman has one of the largest medical programs in the country with over 5,000 active patients at any time who return from year to year for decades to stay or get back on track.

Nan, Doc’s wife, hotline counselor, diet and fitness trainer and Bio Hormones consultant, has been an integral part since the MBD beginning in 1975. Former Mrs. South Carolina and Fitness winner and Founder of Sweat Express Exercise Studio, she shares Dr. Norman’s passion for health and longevity.

Dr. Fred Norman Myrtle Beach Diet Program

Dr. Norman and Nan

Dr. Norman at A4M International Symposium


We teach our patients lifestyle modifications and simple tips on how to live healthy in the real world.


Dr. Norman prescribes the latest in natural  and prescription medication solutions which you and he will determine at your first consultation. Your hunger will be defeated!

nan doc norman

Dr. Norman and Nan at continuing education

Dr. Norman, Medical Director and CEO

Lives what he preaches!


Our in house pharmacy SOLUMED provides convenience and economy for you.


We carry the highest quality nutritional supplements, meal replacements, Bioidentical Hormones, and super foods for people of all ages—from athletes to the everyday person.

Our Sports Nutrition Specialist will help you decide your needs and palate and our online store will cater to convenience!


We have a full line of supplements


Collage of photos insert


Lorrie, our Sports Nutrition specialist


Dr. Norman and Nan live a fit casual MBD  lifestyle

According To The US Sensus

A few numbers for you to understand the reality we live in today.

Gain Weight Back Within 1 Year0%
Lose 50Lbs Within 6 Months0%
Obese Adults in the US0%

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Patient Forms

Before your appointment at Myrtle Beach Diet, please refer to our patient forms below. We are dedicated to making sure that our patients have an enjoyable and stress-free experience at our facility. At Myrtle Beach Diet, we offer a variety of health, nutrition, and vitamin services to accommodate the needs of our patients. If you have any questions relating to our patient forms or about your appointment, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office today.

Prepare for your appointment at our Myrtle Beach facility.

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