Two-Per-Day Vitamin Tablets


Life Extension Mix� is the most comprehensive nutrient formula available. Some Life Extension members, however, prefer to take their nutrients separately, and they need only a basic multi-nutrient supplement to fill in the gaps. Commercial “one-a-day” supplements provide low potencies. Compared to conventional one-a-day products, Life Extension� Two-Per-Day contains up to 50 times more potency. Two-Per-Day formula is available in tablet or capsule form. Commercial supplements often contain cheap forms of nutrients that don�t provide optimal benefits. For example, the 50 IU of synthetic vitamin E contained in Centrum� Silver� Adults 50+ has significantly less bioavailability than the 100 IU of natural vitamin E in Two-Per-Day. Compared to Centrum� Silver� Adults 50+, Life Extension Two-Per-Day Tablets or Capsules provide about: �4 times more vitamin D �8 times more vitamin C �2 times more vitamin E �10 times more biotin �20 times more boron �3 times more selenium �25 times more vitamin B6 �50 times more vitamin B1 �12 times more vitamin B12 �More than twice as much niacin, zinc, and many other nutrients Two-Per-Day now provides the three most effective forms of selenium which are sodium selenite, L-selenomethionine, and methyl-L-selenocysteine. Additionally, the vitamin B12 in Two-Per-Day has been upgraded to the methylcobalamin form in response to requests from Life Extension’s members. Two-Per-Day Capsules are an excellent choice for those seeking a premium-quality nutrient supplement that surpasses off-the-shelf brands.


Two-Per-Day Vitamin Tablets

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