Diet Medications Anorexiants

diet medications

Diet Medications Anorexiants

Diet Medications Called ANOREXIANTS Will Give You the Boost You Need to Fight Hunger!

What a wonderful feeling to be prescribed a safe medication that shuts down that gnawing, persistent urging to munch and gorge!

For the past 46 years Dr. Norman has utilized his pharmaceutical and medical expertise to prescribe the most effective, safe, and inexpensive medications available today to conquer your appetite beast.

Dr. Norman will prescribe the most effective medicine type and dosage for you to reduce and remove your overactive appetite without unpleasant side effects. You will always feel comfortable and confident with our wonderful staff and Bariatrician (diet physician) Dr. Norman.
The most common comment we hear from patients is ‘this is the only diet that has ever worked for me.’

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